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Sodapup Tree of Life eMat & Lick Mat

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Sodapup Tree of Life eMat & Lick Mat

We have a new winner for all plant obsessed humans and dogs! The beautiful Tree of Life Emat & Lick Mat is here. The Tree of Life eMat & Lick Mat has suctions cups allowing you to attach to tiles in the bath, glass, fridge or floor. If you have tried the Sodapup Ducky and Whale emat, this is bound to be a hit. It's so easy to stick to a wall, tiles or your fridge for a fun enrichment experience. It's great for bathing or grooming time and keeps your puppy engaged as well as mentally tired. 

The Tree of Life pattern is challenging enough to take a while even for experienced dogs. It's the 3rd emat with suction cups in it's range, together with the Ducky and whale emat.

The Sodapup Tree of Life emat & Lick mat provides great mental stimulation and anxiety relief for dogs.

Always supervise your pet while using their enrichment mat for the first few times. It's not a chew toy.

DIMENSIONS: 20cm wide X 20cm tall | .64cm thick.  Weight: 155grams