About Treatos & More

Welcome to Treatos & More! We are a small business based in Sydney, Eastern Suburbs. Our love for dogs is what has brought us to create this awesome community. From running a succesful dog sitting service and now owning our own dog - We wanted to create a shop that offers the best high quality dog treats and enrichment for dogs.

We believe that our furry friends deserve nothing but the best to live their pawesome life to their fullest. Having looked after many different dogs over the past years, we understand what an important part mental stimulation is, combined with an active lifestyle. A well stimulated dog is a happy dog! Our goal is to help you find the best within enrichment for dogs such as slow feeder bowls, emats, dog treats, chew toys. lickimats and so much more. You can even check our ambassadors on Instagram @treatosandmore to score a discount on your order. (cannot be combined with other offers).

Products you see are hand-picked and tested by us and Pixie our Golden Retriever x Border Collie. We only sell products that we believe in.

Woof from Sarah & Pixie x.