Who is Treatos & More?

Treatos & More is founded by me, Sarah and our pup Pixie as inspiration. Our mission is for all pups to live a healthy and happy life. This means healthy dog treats and the best enrichment for dogs. You can read more on our "About Us" page.

What kind of dog treats do you sell?

All treats we sell have been tested by our own dog for quality control. You won't see anything on the shop that we wouldn't be happy to feed our own pup. All dog treats are 100% Australian made. These dog treats are one protein only, meaning they don't have any added preservatives. When we say it's Chicken Jerky - That's what you get! We source the dehydrated dog treats from a few hand picked licensed manufacturers who we spend a lot of time quality checking.  They are some of the highest quality natural dog treats on the market and not your average supermarket treats. We are passionate about providing high quality treats for your pet. Our selection is based on feedback from you as well as what is good quality at the time, therefore the variety changes as we don't compromise quality. 

How long do the dog treats last?

In our household dog treats rarely last long! They are too yummy to resist. We recommend using the treats within 6 months of purchase for the best quality and crunchyness, however they can last 12 months from order date in a sealed bag.

Do you have dog treats for training? 

Some of our treats are easily broken up in smaller training treats. For example our Chicken Jerky, Lamb Liver and Kangaroo Jerky. Others are best used as high reward treats when you dog has been a good girl or boy or for in-between meals.

What sort of enrichment for dogs do you stock?

We work with some of the best suppliers of enrichment products for dogs such as LickiMat, Happy Hound, Zipp Paws and Sodapup dog toys. Our main focus is selling enrichment for mealtime, however you will see a few enrichment dog toys.

Why do dogs need enrichment such as slow feeder bowls and LickiMats?

Most dogs love a good walk and burning off some of that excess energy. However, physical exercise isn't the only thing that is important. Mental stimulation and anxiety relief for dogs is equally important. Whether it's a puzzle gamle, snuffle mat, slow feeder bowl or during meal time. Many of our slow feeders or Lickimats can be frozen and prepped for times where you can't be around.

I don't know what to put on my dogs slow feeder bowl - Can you help?

Yes! Feel free to check out our Instagram page for any ideas and inspiration. I am working on a blog with recipes for enrichment which will be live soon. You could start by buying some quality raw food, some natural greek youghurt, peanut butter and some of our crunchy treats! If you would like advise on which enrichment product suits your pet, send us through a message and I will get in touch.