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Sodapup Four Seasons Ebowl & slow feeder bowl

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Sodapup Four Seasons slow feeder bowl

Another amazing slow feeder bowl from Sodapup is here! This shallow four seasons bowl bowl is perfect to slow down your dog with style during mealtime. Just in time for autumn with a pattern of all four seasons. The Sodapup four seasons slow feeder bowl is created to be a similar style as the well-known Honey ebowl, wave bowl and great outdoors bowl, however it's more shallow.

Slow feeding is a great way to keep your dog engaged during mealtime and can help reduce anxiety and tire them out. Fill the different compartments with anything from raw meat, kibble, vegetables, fruit, yoghurt  - You name it! If you have tried our Sodapup Honey ebowl or Sodapup Wave ebowl this one is a must.

  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable material.

The Sodapup Four Seasons Bowl is made in a beautiful forest green.

DIMENSIONS: 20cm diameter. Depth around 2cm. Weight: 240g.