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Raw Pawz

RawPawz - Peanut butter & banana DIY jelly for dogs

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RawPawz - Peanut butter & banana DIY jelly for dogs

These delicious Peanut butter & banana dessert jelly for dogs will not only satisfy your dog's taste buds but also deliver a powerhouse of essential nutrients. These delightful dog jelly treats are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, probiotics, and good fats, offering a truly wholesome way to pamper your furry friend.

One of the key ingredients in these gummies is green banana, a rich source of resistant starch. This starch provides a host of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and bioactive compounds, promoting a healthy digestive system and overall well-being for your pet.

Another star ingredient is the beloved peanut butter, known for its protein-rich composition and abundance of healthy fats. Packed with vitamins B, E, and Niacin, peanut butter provides an array of health benefits and is a delicious addition to your pet's diet.

All of our products are proudly made in Australia, 100% human grade and meticulously formulated without any harmful additives.

Preparing these gummies is an absolute breeze, requiring just 5 minutes before placing them in the refrigerator to set. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience while reaping the benefits!

INGREDIENTS: Bovine Gelatin, Bovine Collagen, Peanut Butter Powder, Green Banana Resistent Starch.