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Pumpkin & Sweet Potato - Meal Topper

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Pumpkin & Sweet Potato - Meal Topper

This 100% natural meal topper for dogs is perfect as a crunchy topping on meals and enrichment such as lickimats or slow feeder bowls. It's made of 100% Australian dehydrated pumpkin & sweet potato. Sprinkle over your dogs food and enjoy! Both sweet potato and pumpkin have great health benefits, especially for the gut and stomach. It's proven to improve digestion and settle down an upset tummy.

  • 100% natural pumpkin & sweet potato
  • No added nasties
  • Rich in fiber
  • Australian made ingredients
  • Great for upset tummies.
  • Use on slow feeder bowl, Lickimat or mixed in food.

One bag is 80g or a new large 160g. We recommend transferring to airtight container after opening the bag to keep them nice and crunchy.