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Outward Hound Maze Slow Feeder Bowl - Grey

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Outward Hound Maze Slow Feeder Bowl - Grey

Transform your pet's entire eating routine with the Maze Slow feeder bowl from Outward Hound! This slow feeder dog bowl is heaps of fun.

The Fun Feeder slow feeding bowl from Outward Hound features a one-of-a-kind maze pattern that doesn't just give dogs a way to enjoy their food more. The Fun Feeder gives your pup's health a boost by improving digesting, reducing bloating, and managing weight. With this innovative dog bowl, you'll do more than just give your dog a fun, colourful bowl. The Fun Feeder Mini slow feeder bowl can hold up to two cups of dry dog food and is one of the best in Australia.

  • Features:

    • Rubber-moulded foundation reduces sliding and food spillage
    • Beautifully designed, modern interactive dog feeder in awesome colours
    • Specially designed to slow down your pooch when eating.
    • Made with high-quality, food-safe materials
    • Looks great in any home
    • Three designs
    • Easy to clean - Just place in the top drawer of the dishwasher.
    • Holds up to four cups of dry dog food


20cm (w) x 24cm - holds up to 2 cups of food. Suitable for small to medium sized dogs.


28cm (w) x 32cm - holds up to 4 cups of food. Suitable for large to extra large dogs.