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Sodapup Honeycomb Ebowl & Slow Feeder Bowl

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Sodapup Honeycomb Ebowl & Slow Feeder Bowl

Does your dog eat too fast? We have the perfect solution! This new fun Sodapup Honeycomb ebowl & slow feeder bowl for dogs help reduce bloating and slows your pup down during mealtime. It's the perfect sized enrichment slow feeder! If you have a larger dog, the Sodapup Honeycomb ebowl holds quite a bit of food.

Slow feeding is a great way to keep your dog engaged during mealtime and can help reduce anxiety and tire them out. Your dog will absolutely love the Sodapup Honeycomb slow feeder bowl! You can fill the different compartments with anything from raw meat, kibble, vegetables, fruit, yoghurt  - You name it! For a longer lasting meal the honey ebowl can also be frozen.

The dog bowl holds up to 1kg if filled to the max, however you can easily spread a thinner layer depending on your dog's size.

Complete the enrichment set with the Sodapup Honey Pot.

- Freezer safe

- Dishwasher safe

DIMENSIONS: 20cm diameter. Weight: 360grams

Image credit: @jasper the border collie, @truffleandrocket and @itsadaisyslife. Images are not to be used without permission.