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Sodapup Flower Pot - Slow feeder bowl

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Sodapup Flower Pot - Slow feeder bowl

Ready to prepare the perfect dreamy garden enrichment meal for your dog? The new Sodapup Flower pot is a slow feeder bowl that is both cute and fun. The Sodapup flower pot is large enough to fill with both raw dog food, dog treats, wet and dry food. It's bound to be a winner with your furry friend!

Fill the Sodapup Flower pot slow feeder bowl with your favourite raw food, natural dog treats, berries, peanut butter or something completely different. Our Chicken Jerky or Mantis Shrimp are perfect as a crunchy topping. This slow feeder bowl and enrichment toy has a large opening and works well as enrichment for beginner pups. More experienced dogs may need these slightly frozen. The walls are thick and sturdy which is great for dogs that tend to chew.

It's dishwasher and freezer safe. Please note this is not a chew toy.

Size: Medium to large. Holds up to 250g raw/wet food.

Colours: Terracotta orange or green.

Designed and manufactured in the USA by Sodapup.

    Material is FDA compliant and non-toxic. Veterinarian Approved!