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Bully Grip - Bully stick & chew treat holder - Medium

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Bully Grip - Bully stick & chew treat holder

The Bully Grip is here! We are the first business to launch the Bully Grip in Australia. This multi-functional bully stick holder and dog enrichment toy can be used both as a safety device for when your dog is eating dental chews or bully sticks. Or as an enrichment toy. The bully stick holder is made in the USA from all-natural, chew resistant rubber, and recently tested for toxins and passed as toxin free rubber.

The Bully Grip has multiple functions - Working both as a safety stopper for bully sticks, dental sticks and other bulky round shaped treats. By using the Bully Grip for your dog chews, you don't have to worry about them choking! No more constant supervising.

  • Certified non toxic
  • Veterinarian approved (USA).
  • Safe for chewing larger dental chews, bully sticks and more.
  • Double function as an enrichment toy. Why not add some peanut butter and yoghurt and freeze?

Please note that were recommend thicker bully sticks to use for this holder.

The Bully Grip comes in 3 different sizes and various colours. Over the next week I will do my best to create more pictures and videos, however for now please check the Youtube guide on sizes and how to pick and use your Bully Grip: VIDEO.

Don't forget to grab some Australian Bully stick to try it out!


The medium Bully stick holder fits most bully sticks and hard treat sticks from 5/8" wide to 7/8" wide. AU/CM conversions: 1.5cm to 2.3cm wide.

Twist the Bully Grip onto the treat by gripping the bully grip in one had and the treat stick in the other.  Twist until the treat stick is completely in the bully grip.  Works best if you place the Bully Grip on the thickest part of the treat stick.