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Lamb trachea - Lamb tubes

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Lamb trachea - Lamb tubes

Are you looking for a larger dental chew treat for your dog? These whole lamb trachea also known as lamb tubes are perfect. Some of them may be used to fill with yoghurt, vegetable puree or meat, however some will be too narrow and better as a dental chew.

  • 100% Australian lamb tubes/lamb trachea
  • No added nasties
  • Packed in a large pouch or butchers paper depending on shape and size.

As a natural product lamb tubes vary and size and generally are around 10-15cm. 

One bag is 100g (around 4-6 tubes depending on size).

All treats are sourced from licensed manufacturers. We recommend use within 6 months however they last at least 12. We have regular rotation and restocks so you'll never find treats that have been sitting on a shelve for years!