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Halloween Enrichment Bundle - The Scary Witch

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This ZippyPaws Witch Colossal Buddie Dog Toy, Orange LickiMat and ZippyPaws Pumpkin Ale is the perfect scary bundle for doggo Halloween!

Use the Orange LickiMat to create some scary meals or a snack for your puppy, while keeping them mentally stimulated. Top with some of our dehydrated treats and pumpkin jelly or frozen with yoghurt 

The ZippyPaws Witch Buddie is a fun squeaky plush dog toy and features minimal stuffing in the head. Your dog will love snuggle time with this! The ZippyPaws Halloween Happy Hour Crusherz Pumpkin Ale is a plush water bottle dog toy with a stuffing-free bottle cover sleeve and an empty plastic bottle inside with a reusable squeaky cap.

This bundle contains 1 ZippyPaws Colossal Buddie, One Orange LickiMat and one ZippyPaws Pumpkin Ale Crusherz dog toy.

Please supervise your dog during playtime.