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Freezbone - Freezstick enrichment feeder

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Freezbone - Freezstick enrichment feeder

We are excited to share these brand new enrichment products from Freezbone with you. The Freezbone products are durable slow feeders and enrichment toys that work perfectly for frozen meals. You can also use without freezing them. The Freezstick comes 2x beautiful colours - navy or purple and is a fun enrichment tool perfect for frozen treats. It's made from non toxic, biodegradable rubber.

  • Freezstick is a long-lasting dog bone that's also a fillable chew, providing up to 45 minutes of chewing time.
  • Made from 100% BPA free natural rubber. Freezstick is non-toxic, biodegradable, and dishwasher-safe, ensuring it's safe for pets and the planet.
  • Veterinarians endorse the Freezstick as an exceptional training tool, especially for dogs prone to chewing on inappropriate objects.
  • The Freezstick from Freezbone is suitable for liquid products, raw meat or wet food. Mix in with some yougurt or meal toppers.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Colours: Navy or purple/burgundy. 


Small: 17cm long and 3-4cm wide. Suitable for small to medium sized dogs. I would even say they fit border collie sized dogs.

Large 20cm long and 3-4cm wide. Perfect for a snack or meal depending on your dog. The large Freezstick would fit a medium to XL sized dog.

For more information check the Freezbone website

Please supervise your pet the first few times using a new product. Not a chew toy.