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*NEW* Dehydrated Kangaroo Lung Crisp - Dog Treats

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Dehydrated Kangaroo Lung Crisp - Dog Treats

Another amazing kangaroo treat is hitting our shelves! These kangaroo lung crisp are super light and low fat. Made from 100% Kangaroo you won't need to worry about any nasty fillers. Kangaroo lung crisp is the perfect dog treat for those dogs with allergies or who require a low fat diet. They come in different sized sheets - Easy to break up for training or rewards. Our kangaroo dog treats are packed with amazing health benefits for your dog such as:

  • Low fat and lean meat
  • Allergy friendly
  • Single product protein (no added nasties!)
  • These come in different sized sheets that can be broken up. 
  • VERY light weight as they are dried kangaroo lung.
  • 100% Australian kangaroo.

One bag is 100g. Being a lightweight treat it is a larger bag. As a natural product these vary in size and look.

All treats are produced at an Australian licensed manufacturer. Treats are best used within 6 months for the best crunch, however can last 12 months or more.