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Dehydrated Crunchy Lamb Cubes - Dog Treats

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Dehydrated Crunchy Lamb Cubes - Dog Treats

These crunchy lamb lung cube dog treats are packed with flavour! They are very light in weight and great for a quick special treat or snack in between meals. The lamb lung cubes are one of Pixie's all time favourite treats. Packed with amazing health benefits for your dog such as:

  • High in taurine and amino acids.
  • High in protein.
  • Single product protein (no added nasties!).
  • Great value at a low price.
  • Lightweight reward treat.

One bag is around 60grams or 120g in a ziplock bag when stock allows. (it's a full bag, however they are lightweight treats as they are made from lamb lung.)

All dog treats are produced at an Australian licensed manufacturer. Treats are best used within 6 months of opening to stay crunchy, however last for at least 12 months.