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Blossom flower silicone slow feeder bowl

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Blossom silicone slow feeder bowl

Flower lovers get ready! The Blossom silicone slow feeder bowl is here. The blossom bowl is so pretty and has many little grooves and petals for your dog to get a challenge during mealtime. If your dog eats too fast or needs some enrichment this will quickly become your favourite slow feeder bowl. Fill with delicious raw food, mix with kibble, puree or yogurt.

The Blossom silicone slow feeder bowl has a non slip suction base which prevents the bowl from moving around during meal time.  It is made with BPA free food grade silicone and is dishwasher and freezer safe.

We hope you will love this new slow feeder bowl!

The Blossom slow feeder bowl will be available in 5 different colours:

Yellow, pastel pink (light pink), pink azalea (darker pink), white orchid and peach.

Size: 18cm diameter wide and 5-6 cm deep. Holds around 2 cups of dry food or around 250g raw.

Dishwasher and freezer safe, however colour may fade with time.