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Bee pollen for dogs

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Bee pollen for dogs

Does your dog suffer from allergies? We are now stocking pee pollen for dogs! Bee pollen has a lot of natural benefits for dogs such as boosting the immune system, digestive system and helping relieve allergies. Our bee pollen for dogs is a 100% Australian product. Bee pollen can be added on top of your dogs meal or enrichment for a natural boost of vitamins.

  • 100% natural Australian bee pollen for dogs. 
  • Great for dogs with allergies.
  • Boosts immune and digestive system.
  • Bee pollen may act as a natural antihistamine. 
  • Full of important vitamins and nutrients. 
  • 120g of bee pollen for dogs.

Bee pollen is considered a highly nutritious and complete food and contains a rich supply of B-complex vitamins, vitamins C, A, E, carotenoids, folic acid and amino acids.

Our bee pollen for dogs is packed in our new white recyclable cannisters with a food safe bio liner inside to make for easy and eco friendly disposal once empty. The colour of the bee pollen may vary slightly depending on season.

120g cannister. Recommended use: 1-2 teaspoons sprinkled on top of meals. Please test a small amount for first time use.