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K9 Cruiser Bowl - No-spill water bowl for dogs

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K9 Cruiser Bowl - No-spill water bowl for dogs

The must have product of the summer is here! The K9 Cruiser Bowl is an all Australian designed and made anti-spill dog water bowl. It is built for durability and has some great benefits. The unique design of the K9 Cruiser water bowl makes it a safe portable water bowl for your pet and means your dog not longer needs to share public water bowls when on the go.

The K9 Cruiser Bowl anti-spill dog water bowl is the perfect solution for camping trips, dog sports, road trips, beach - you name it. The Cruiser bowl is uniquely designed to be anti spill in all moving vehicles. 

We now offer two types of K9 Cruiser bowls - The K9 round cruiser bowl and the new K9 corner cruiser bowl which works well as a water bowl for your dogs crate or in corners.

The K9 Cruiser no-spill water bowl for dogs holds up to 2.5 liters! It holds the water inside the walls and only releases a small amount at a time. Meaning your pet has access to fresh water all day. We have tried and tested this bowl ourselves with our own dog!

  • BPA free
  • Transport safe
  • No spill
  • Tough and durable
  • Perfect for car, ute, camping, dog sports or just at home.

We currently offer this in 4 colours. Check out our K9 Cruiser Corner bowl which comes in 2 other colours.