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LickiMat UFO Slow Feed Dog Bowl

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LickiMat UFO Slow Feed Dog Bowl

The Lickimat UFO Slow Feed Bowl is one of our top sellers! Designed with Soother Nubs to help pets relax when licking, this lick mat and slow feed bowl is perfect for those pups needing a bit of enrichment. The LickiMat UFO slow feed bowl features 7 suction cups on the base to stick to flat, smooth surfaces such as shower walls, tiles or fridge for entertainment and anxiety/stress relief. The Lickimat UFO can also be used as a bowl by adding your favourite treats, raw food, yoghurt or peanut butter.


  • Dog bowl designed with Soother Nubs to relieve stress/anxiety
  • Raised walls to keep spills/messes inside the bowl
  • 7 suction cups on the base to secure to flat, smooth surfaces
  • Can be used during baths/showers, grooming, and car rides
  • Designed for hydrotherapy and 100% dishwasher safe
  • Vet-developed dog food bowl

Available in 5 cool colours. Photo credit: @lil.appa, Rio, Badger, Curious Alfie and Treatos & More. Images may not be used without permission.