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LickiMat SloDog Mini Slow Feeder Bowl - Small

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LickiMat SloDog Mini Slow Feeder Bowl - Small

This new SloDog mini slow feeder bowl from Lickimat is a must have enrichment feeder!
  • Helps reduce the risk of various conditions such as severe bloating, constipation, weight gain, and twisted bowel
  • Features a unique, effective design with mini pockets
  • Non-skid base to keep plate in place and prevent spillage
  • Durable, non-toxic, food-grade material for safe and long-lasting use
  • Works well for dogs who can't get their nose into deep bowls. 
  • Can be used for both wet and dry food.

The Lickimat Slo Dog mini slow feeder bowl is great to fill with either kibble or raw food and top with some dehydrated treats. It's got a good size for small to medium sized dogs.

Colours available:







Dimensions: 24.5cm x 18.5cm x 3cm

Holds around 1 cup of kibble or 200g wet food.