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Freeze dried goat hearts - Dog treats

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Freeze dried goat hearts - Dog treats

Get ready for a new Freeze dried dog treat! 100% Australian goat hearts are here as our new protein. This 100% Australian goat hearts are a great treat for dogs with allergies as it's a hypo allergenic dog treat. In addition the freeze dried goat hearts don't smell and are easier to chew. 

Freeze dried treats preserve all their health benefits during the process. Our natural goat hearts dog treats have many added health benefits:

  • 100% Australian goat hearts.
  • Hypo allergenic
  • Rich in B vitamin
  • Low fat
  • No added nasties

These freeze dried treats are lightweight and come in a small 60g or 120g large pouch.

All our treats are made at licensed premises and last up to 12 months. We recommend use within 6 months and kept if kept in airtight containers.