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Dogs with Jobs Book

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Dogs with Jobs Book 

A great book by Natalie Leski, Melbourne Australia. The books helps children learn about the difference between working dogs or assistance dog and pets. 

Dogs with jobs Book 1: Meet Humphrey, Pinky, Macy and their friends. Six different dogs with six types of important jobs.

Humphrey works as a seeing eye dog helping to navigate obstacles, Pinky is a therapy dog in a primary school and Macy is a beloved pet.

We also meet a police dog, a sniffer dog and a medical assistance dog, teaching young readers about the important roles dogs have in the community and how to interact when they meet them.

Dogs with jobs book 2: Meet Frank the hearing dog and Emma the service dog. Both are working hard to help their handlers navigate their busy lives.

We see some search-and-rescue dogs save the day and meet other dogs with important jobs too.

The world of working dogs is growing.

This book helps children learn the important differences between working dogs and our pets.