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Crocodile Tails 150g - Dog treats

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Crocodile Tails - Dog treats

Who's ready for some crunchy crocodile tails for dogs? These crocodile tails are a great dental treat and a hypo-allergic dog treat for dogs with allergies. Your dog will go crazy for them! We source our crocodile treats from our licensed manufacturer and all crocodile is leftover from human consumption and responsible farming. 

  • 100% Australian Crocodile.
  • No added nasties.
  • A waste product from human consumption (responsible farming).
  • Hypo-allergenic dog treat.
  • Low fat.
  • 150g of tail pieces. We attempt to give some whole tails, however some may be broken tail pieces. It really is great value for money as usually you get at least 2-3 tails.

Please supervise your pet while they eat their bulky chews as there is always a small risk of choking.

NOTE: We try our best to wrap these safely in butchers paper and packaging filler. however as they are fragile they could break in transport.