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Bone Marrow Chews for dogs - Dental Chew

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Bone Marrow Chews for dogs - Dental Chew

Struggling to find a long lasting healthy chew for your dog? Look no further! These bone Marrow Chews for dogs are made from 100% natural Australian dried bone marrow and lasts longer than most other dental chews.

The bone marrow chews are a great long lasting chew for your dog and helps clean their teeth as well as being a stimulating activity that tires them out. Whether you have a small or large dog, these are a winner as the bone marrow chew come in different sizes. The manufacturer/supplier uses only natural ingredients. 

The bone marrow dental chew for dogs come in a few different variants:

Original (plain beef bone marrow)

Beef (plain beef bone marrow but with added ground dried beef for a more intense flavour)

Goats Milk (using plain beef bone marrow with added Goats Milk to give it a cheesy/milky flavour).

Pumpkin (using beef bone marrow but with added pumpkin). Pumpkin is an amazing vegetable and very healthy for the tummy and gut. bacteria We use pumpkin regularly for our own dog with great results.

Chicken Parsley (plain beef bone marrow with added chicken and parsley).

Pork - like our original bone marrow chew but made on pork marrow. This is suitable for those wanting a low fat option or dogs with allergies.

Insect protein (this is a trial). This marrow contains the classic bone marrow and crickets, black fly larvae and mealworms. Insect is proven to have great health benefits for dogs.

Rough size: Large: around 14cm Small: around 7cm. These will be packed loose or in butchers paper due to size. As they are a natural product looks may vary from time to time.

If you find the bone marrow chew a little hard for your pup, try running it under hot water for a few seconds to soften it up a bit. We recommend storing these in a closed container away from dark/damp places.

Please supervise your pet during their chew time.