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Beef Bully Sticks - Dental Chew - Standard/Medium size

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Beef Bully Sticks - Dental Chew - Standard/Medium size

We have got our paws on some Bully sticks again. These Bully sticks are 100% Australian beef bully sticks. They are a great longer lasting dental chew for dogs and work wonders for cleaning your dog's teeth.

You'll find some cheaper bully sticks on the market, however these are often imported from overseas. The bully sticks are really crunchy and a great dental chew for your dog.

Please supervise your pup when feeding and introduce new foods slowly. Why not grab one of our brand new Bully Grip which is a safety stopper and holder for bully sticks?

Being a natural product shape and size may vary. These ones are currently cut to around 15cm and fit well into our small or medium size Bully Grip. They are standard/medium thickness.

Bundle of 2x or 5x bully sticks.